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November 4, 2019

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December 3, 2019

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Mixed 7's Report!

July 26, 2017



This year's annual Mixed 7's took place on Saturday 22nd July. As Loreto was unavailable on the day, the tournament was moved to our second home in TempleCarrig. We had 7 teams registered, 2 confirmed umpires, and lots of pizza ordered. It was great to see so many players , young and old, taking part. We had players from Bray, Avoca, Monkstown, Muckross and more. Notably, we did miss the annual entry of a team from St Jame's Gate, we hope to see you guys back next year!


The format of the tournament was for each team was to play each other once and the team with the most points would take home the coveted 'trophy/teapot'. Teams recorded 3 points for a win, 2 for a score draw, 1 for a 0-0 draw and nothing for a loss. If, at the end of the day two teams were on equal points, then we would have a play-off for the trophy.


The first round of matches saw the 'Free Agents' who were a team of players who registered as individuals beat 'French Toast Mafia' 3-4. Pinky & The Brains, led by Cian Hussey lost 1-4 to Rhonda's 'Bray Bre' side and 'The Noodle Squad' overcame 'The Gerry Hat Tricks' (who included a lot of OLD and familiar faces!!) comfortably with a 4-1 win.


Round two saw 'The Noodle Squad' and 'Pinky & The Brains' draw 2-2, 'Bray Bre' had a comfortable 5-0 win over Laura McCarthy's 'French Toast Mafia' and the confident young 'U16 Superstars' drew 2-2 with the 'Free Agents'.


The next round (3) gave 'Pinky & The Brains' a 5-0 win over the 'U16 Superstars', 'The Gerry Hat Tricks' beat the 'Free Agents' 6-0 and 'Bray Bre' scrapped a 1-0 win over 'The Noodle Squad'.


In round 4 'Bray Bre' recorded another 3 points with a 3-2 win over Cheryl & Greg's 'Gerry Hat Tricks', 'Pinky & The Brains' beat the 'Free Agents' 5-1 and 'French Toast Mafia' gave the 'U16 Superstars' a lesson with a 4-0 win.




At this stage of the day, everyone was getting hungry and just in time, Platform Pizza arrived with a van load of pizzas! All the teams, umpires and supporters took a well deserved break and munched down on some delicious pizza. 


After the break, temperatures began to rise (and we don't mean from the sun), the umpires were questioned, player eligibility was brought to the apathetic 'tournament committee' and matches were won, drawn and lost. 


With just 3 rounds to play, every goal and point counted. The 5th round saw 'Bray Bre' continue their victorious run with an 8-0 thumping of the 'Free Agents', the 'Gerry Hat Tricks' took 3 points with a tight 4-3 win over 'French Toast Mafia' and 'The Noodle Squad' stayed in contention for the trophy with a 6-1 win over the 'U16 Superstars'.


The penultimate round was tight enough with the 'Free Agents' drawing 2-2 with 'The Noodle Squad', the 'Gerry Hat Tricks' edged a 5-4 win over the 'U16 Superstars' and 'Pinky & The Brains' nicked a 4-3 win over 'French Toast Mafia'.


'Bray Bre' finished off the tournament with another strong 4-0 win over the 'U16 Superstars', 'French Toast Mafia' lost 1-3 to 'The Noodle Squad' and 'Pinky & The Brains' took it to the 'Gerry Hat Tricks' and won 5-3.




After a great day of hockey, scorching sun, delicious pizza and lots of banter, Rhona's side, 'Bray Bre' took home the trophy, having won every single game and only conceding 3 goals all day. Final standings and points for the day were as follows:


1st - Bray Bre - 18 points

2nd - Pinky & The Brains - 14 points

3rd - The Noodle Squad - 13 points

4th - Gerry Hat Tricks - 9 points

5th - Free Agents - 7 points

6th - French Toast Mafia - 3 points

7th - U16 Superstars - 2 points


Congrats also to Tara Junghenn (Muckross) and Diego Felinto De Queiroz for winning female and male players of the tournament!


A huge thanks to all the players for coming a long and taking part, to the captains for registering and organising them all, to Niamh & Audrey for umpiring all of the games, Gina for bringing the table, strips and balls (we are gutted you were too unwell to stay around),  Sarah Finnegan for the Cash & Carry run, Cheryl for bringing the shop stuff, Kayla & Adam for running the shop, Erika for being scorekeeper, Michele for sourcing and delivering the Gazebo, Rhona for returning it, Cian for buying a whole load of ice-pops for everyone, Conor Duggan and Platform Pizza for the pizza, Cheryl Williams from Templecarrig for being so accommodating, Dougie and all the guys and girls who helped move the goals to and from the pitch, Chris & Shelley for helping get rid of the bins, Caoimhe for the extra table and tunes, everyone who helped with the clean up and Ruth for organising it all. 


See you all next year!


Check out the photos from the day here.