Further to the directive from our National Governing Body Hockey Ireland ALL players – senior and junior -  are to have a HI membership number and are not allowed participate in hockey activities without one.


The form to request a HI number will be reopened once we have further information on when hockey will return for 2020/21.


After completing this the Registrations Secretary will upload your details (approximately on a weekly basis) to the platform and you will then receive an email from Hockey Ireland, which includes links to their data policy etc. You must complete their next process in order to be issued a membership number.

As a parent / guardian you will have to repeat this process for each individual child. However please note that they will then keep this HI membership number for life. Additionally, as a parent, you can link each child's membership to your own profile (even if not a player) so that you will only receive ONE email from Hockey Ireland rather than individual emails for each child.

Please complete all information to include uploading any coaching, umpiring and other relevant certificates, adding a photo (Senior members only), Emergency Contact details, etc. The more information the better, as in 2020 this will be required.

If you have any questions, please click here to email the Registrations Secretary.

register in May 2019 even if you have been a member in previous seasons. 


Bray Hockey Club offers a number of membership levels*:

Membership Fee - 2019/20 for information only. 

Full Senior                                                                                          €350.00

Reduced Senior (student/unemployed)                                          €250.00

Junior Child 1                                                                                     €175.00

Junior Child 2                                                                                     €125.00

Junior Child 3                                                                                     €50.00

Junior Child 4+                                                                                   Free

Veteran Membership                                                                        €70.00

Household Package (Family Maximum)                                         €525.00

Pavilion                                                                                               €50.00



Any member (regardless of age) who is currently in school pays the junior rate.


Under 18 membership applications must be completed by a parent/guardian and must include the relevant waivers. Any junior member can also play senior hockey once they reach their 15th birthday at no extra charge.


Parents/Guardians are reminded of Hockey Ireland's child welfare policies including guidelines on overplay.


Junior fees must be paid in full by the 1st September (unless payment is made by recurring payment).


Senior have a "no pay no play" policy.As per the Club Constitution, 50% of your subs are due by November 1st and final payment to be received no later than February 15th. Please also note that players who have not paid their subs from the 2016/17 (ie last) season will NOT be eligible for selection to ANY squad. 


According to the rules of the Leinster Hockey Association players must be 15 years old or more to play competitive senior Hockey.

We are offering subscription discounts to members that source team / club sponsors (subject to minimum, not including fundraising events) - talk to the treasurer with any proposal you may have.

Please email to settle up any outstanding payments.


Bray Hockey Club Subscriptions must be paid online via Teamer.


The payment link has been issued by email to those of you who have registered with Hockey Ireland before the June 14th deadline. Should you have any queries in this regard, please contact 


There is currently space available in both the Senior Ladies & Mens sections. Please email for more information on joining.

Email with any queries.


Failure to adhere to your agreed subscription payment schedule may affect your ability to participate in club activities, including but not limited to training and games.

By becoming a member of Bray Hockey Club, you agree to adhere to Bray Hockey Club's Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policies and the IHA's Code of ethics & other relevant policies.


For monthly subscriptions / payment schedules any payments made are non-refundable. Membership continues until payment is cancelled. On cancellation the balance of the members subscriptions must be paid. Subscription cycles are from the 1st day of April until the last day of March.

As per the Club Constitution, 50% of senior subs are due by November 1st and final payment to be received no later than February 15th. 


Please also note that players who have not paid their subs from the previous season will NOT be eligible for selection to ANY squad. 


Please email to settle up any outstanding payments.

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